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The region 

Helping me reach them dolmens, always at the tip of my fingers was the application - HD Terra Maps. They have a Topographic map of the entire world and they have the dolmens on it. Throughout this section all maps are screenshots from that application.

  • Blue pins are clusters of dolmen that i found to be there.

  • Pink pins are clusters of dolmen that i couldn't reach, didn't find or didn't look for.

  • Red pins are dolmens i reached and found, only they are not dolmens.

 North is always at the top. The almost closed round bay in the west is the beautiful city of Gelindzhik on the shores of the Black sea. stretching south-east from it, in white, is the M4 motor-way going to Krasnodar.

The Pshada river

South-East of Gelendzhik the M4 cross the wide Pshada river at the small town of Pshada, (in the south-West corner of the map).

Some of the most authentic and untouched cluster of dolmen are hidden here. Pshada north and North-East are on the Pshada river itself. The dolmens are just above the water, the area is wide and the hole structure takes the shape of a small village.

Pshada East is diferent. It is on a very narrow extension of the hill. It is very steep on both sides and the dolmen are kind of in a row, one after the other. This site is on of the more interesting ones and has features not seen on other sites.

Sites in this area:


Just a Click East of Geleindzhik lies the very small town of Aderbiyevka. A round it, on the hill extensions bounding the small town are a few, small sites.

Shirokaya North does not have any standing dolmen. There are a few that are destroyed and the locals have added walls and other features from small stones.

Shirokaya North-East is a poor site, i only found one dolmen standing there but it is one of the cutest.

Shirokaya South is a semi-touristic site. There are 2 dolmen there, one of them has a balcony, the hill range it is on has no forest on it and the view is incredible.

sites in this area:

Other sites

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