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Pshada South

This is a touristy site. It is right on the M4 motor-way, a pay site and counting by the number of restaurants and shops, would host a few hundred visitors a day in the season.  Still, it is well worth a visit. 

I was there alone, taking my time wandering between the site's 4 dolmens. The 2 closer to the road are "renovated" and doors have been cut into them.  The one they call Thor has wooden poles. It is hard to say when those changes where made but it is obvious that they are changes. 

The 2 south most dolmens are classic, almost complete and almost untouched.  These 2 dolmens display all features most dolmen share. The stones are shaped with a flat "inside" and a round "out site", the front and back stones enter slots made in the side stone and the same technique is used for the roof and floor. 

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