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Pshada N-East

This site is among my favorites. It really is 3 deferment sites,  the south-most one hosts a large number of dolmens, I counted 8 or 9. It really looks like a village spread on a large hill extension 20 meters above the Pshada river. The dolmens here are taller than in other sites and the stones are thinner.  the work it's self seem precise and neat.

A bit east of there,  a single dolmen "guards"  a turn in the little stream below. This is one of the most beautifull and impressive dolmens. The place is amazing. The stream turns below and flows to the Pshada river, I could sit on that dolmen all day.

The north most dolmens are also isolated ones, built on a hill extension 30 meters higher than the "village".

a walk in the village
a walk in the village
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