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The big car-park, surrounded  by countless Shawarma shops, restaurants, coffee houses and souvenir shops, gives it away immediately, it is a super touristy site. The walk from the car-park to the site is a stroll on a well defined path going through more shops and attractions for the kids. lucky for me, i'm here alone, it's all shut down, it's not the season.

This site is different. The dolmen in the center is a regular shape dolmen. It has a balcony or stage like the one found at Shirokaya South. On both sides of the big central dolmen stand 2 round dolmens like which I've not seen anywhere else. The central dolmen is also decorated. The zigzag like decorations can be found elsewhere, but the decoration on the face of the front stone is unique.  The round dolmens are made of smaller stone blocks, it's a different type of stone, the "inside"  is round and smooth.  The round dolmen on the left is half disintegrated but shows much better masonry than the round dolmen on the right. In my opinion, the round dolmens  where put there at a latter time, they are not part of the original site. It is possible that the round dolmens were put there for touristy reasons, to make the site more interesting for tourists. 

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