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Pshada East

This is the site i like the most. Harder to get to, it looks as if it is much less visited. It host 7 or 8 dolmens standing in a row on a long narrow and steep hill extension. Not all are standing, the disintegrated ones  offer unique insight about the making of these structure. This site show some unique features. It is the only site where I found a cork next to the dolmen it belongs to. (more about this in The Technology). It is also the only site where I found 2 dolmens which are made each one of a single stone. The floor and 4 walls of these 2 dolmens are made of a single stone, on top of that, i imagine, would come the top stone to make a roof.

Another unique feature found at this site are water holes. They are like small sinks carved into a rock. It is the only site where there is something else man made other than dolmens.

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