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The village of the Hobbits

Well, one must admit, at first glance the Caucasus dolmens look a lot like small houses for small people. many of the sites, like, Pshada North and Pshada N-east, look and feel like villages. the idea that there where, or that there  are people of miniature scale is not a new one and the fantastic nature of the it makes people want to believe it.

Of course, the main problem with the ideas the dolmens where made by Hobbits is how? How did miniature people built these structures? How did they list several tons block stones? how did they transport them? How did they mount the dolmens?

another problem with the idea of hobbits comes with a closer look into the technology. the dolmens are completely sealed chambers having only a small hole in the front to get in and out. It is not very practical as a house. 

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